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My salon is proud to make available the Clayton Shagal® line of skin care products

CLAYTON SHAGAL products are associated with excellence, performance, and quality, while remaining simple and effective to use on a daily basis, which gives you visible and long-lasting results to achieve your beauty goals. 

After 40 years of research and expertise, development and innovation continue to be at the heart of our vision for the future. Feeling good about yourself is a priority for everyone.

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Clayton Shagal skin care products


Collagen’s ultimate natural complement. Elastin is the main protein in the elastic fibres in the connective tissues (the dermis). The components of this protein influence the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Although elastin makes up only a small percentage of the connective tissues, it plays a crucial role in the skin’s hydration.

clayton shagal hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-aging treatment with 100% pure hyaluronic acids for optimal skin hydration. Ultra-concentrated, intensive moisturizing serum for an immediate plumping, smoothing effect without injections.

Clayton Shagal skin care products

Collagen Gel

Non-hydrolyzed Acidosoluble Native Marine Collagen – Structural protein containing amino acids. Natural, high performance type 1 collagen molecule small enough to allow optimal penetration in the deepest layers of the skin, with firming, hydrating and regenerating properties

clayton shagal products
Clayton Shagal skin care products

Full product line available in my salon today!

I am so proud to offer the full line of Clayton Shagal® line of skin care products.  These products and more are available for purchase when you visit.  Once I understand the skin care needs that are unique to you, I can recommend with confidence the products that will have the best results. I also have Kits available so you can sample a line of products.

Sensi Lift Kit

Desensitize your skin with this in-depth anti-aging treatment routine designed with active ingredients specifically formulated to soothe, strengthen, rebalance, and moisturize your skin.


• 1 make-up remover pad
Milk Cleanser: 25 ml 2 in 1: cleanser and make-up remover with a velvety texture
Hyaluronic Acid Serum: 12 ml Intensive in-depth moisturizing treatment with plumping effect
Elastin Gel Plus: 12 ml Anti-aging and deep repair treatment that soothes and strengthens the capillaries of weakened skin
Sensi Derm Cream: 12 ml Moisturizing and anti-aging cream that attenuates redness and protects against external damage
Moisturizing Mask: 2 x 3 ml (sample) Provides greater skin hydration and reduces irritation, inflammation and redness

Lift Perfect Kit

The essential kit for your anti-aging routine designed to significantly reduce the signs of aging, firming and providing long-lasting hydration to your skin


• 1 make-up remover pad
Gel Lotion Cleanser: 25 ml All-in-one cleanser, toner, make-up remover, shaving gel
• 2 Elastin Gel Plus: 12 ml In-depth anti-aging treatment to firm, repair and protect your skin
Collagen Gel Plus: 12 ml In-depth anti-aging treatment that moisturizes, regenerates and stimulates cellular activity in the dermis and reduce appearance of wrinkles
Idratense Cream: 12 ml Optimal anti-aging moisturizer filled with peptides that will give you lift and plumping effect
Bamboo & Honey Exfoliant: 3ml (sample) Eliminates dead skin cells, improves your skin’s texture, acts against skin aging and maximizes the effectiveness of Clayton Shagal’s skincare products
Cucumber & Avocado Mask: 3 ml (sample) Procures intense and immediate hydration to your skin, regulates and unifies dull complexion

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