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Forever Young Skin Care's line of technology and skin care facials that are maximized to bring in the New You

Forever Young Skin Care

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I customize my client's skin care regimin based on their specific needs and budget.  While everyone's skin care needs and budget can vary, there are great options for everyone.  I take the time to get to know each and every one of my clients and what their skincare goals are.  The list of my facial services below are a part of a conversation that is an important part of educating each of my clients on how to best achieve their goals.  

If you are a new client, or one that I have not seen in a long time, check out my offer to get you started down the path of skin wellness and vitality. 

Cosmedix Metabolic Peel

COSMEDIX's revolutionary approach is found in metabolic peels made of chirally correct botanical ingredients and potent actives.  They tell the skin to peel by working holistically to help stimulate the skin's natural renewal process instead of forcing it into submission.  These peels help repair the skin's barrier function with the use of purified alpha hydroxy acids, propietary encapsulated Retinol, Nobel Prize-winning chemistry as well as utilizing a complex blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  

Forever Young Skin Care chemical peel

Level 1 Treatment 

This treatment is perfect for those who are new to the treatment experience, who have never used retinols in their regimens, or those who just want to look radiant and refreshed.

Forever Young Skin Care chemical peel

Peels with Retinol 

Perfect for those looking for boosted results and a deeper exfoliation

Forever Young Skin Care chemical peel

Level 2 Peels  

Perfect for those with specific skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles, and more.

Wet or Dry Microdermabrasion

Forever Young Microdermabrasion

Aquafuse Brightening brightens and refreshes your skin.  Aquafuse Clearing, formulated with salicylic acid, reduces oil and blemishes.  Aquafuse Foampeel, formulated with AHA and BHA, exfoliates.  Aquafuse Hydrate, formulated with a combination of peptides, hydrates and reduces inflammation.

This advanced technology is set to redefine and create a new standard and comfort in microdermabrasion services. The unique technology, combined with its superior designed Diamond tip hand piece, allows me to perform the most progressive microdermabrasion service in skin care; layered wet / dry microdermabrasion. 

Forever Young microdermabrasion

Micro Current Mini Facelift

Forever Young Skin Care Micro current

Polarized Water brings a precise blend of elecrolytes and minerals formulated to reduce surface tension and provide optimal hydration.  Hydrate gel contains Sodium Hyalurontate and Niacinamide, offering benefits of drawing moisture to the skin.  Restyfluid firms and moisturizes with antioxidants and peptides.

The Bio-Ultimate® Platinum features the latest in microcurrent technology development, including the patented technological breakthrough Suzuki Sequencing® . This revolutionary system delivers unsurpassed application and performance in less time.

Forever Young Skin Care Micro Current

LED Photo Light Therapy

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The Hyaluronic Delievery Face and Neck Masque is rich in hyaluronic acid, contours to the face, locking in moisture and enhancing other product applied underneath.  Chromatic Serum is formulated with green tea, antioxidants and lavender to soothe and calm. 

The Bio-Synthesis LED lights ranging from red, yellow, green, and blue lights. An agile manual mode allows me to quickly create unique services. Applications are convenient and hands free with an intelligently designed 6 way adjustable Synthesis panel, and nearly 3000 individual lights for maximum and consistent coverage. 

Forever Young Skin Care LED light therapy

Clear Touch Acne Treatment

Forever Young Skin Care acne treatment

Using a unique combination of Light and Heat Energy (LHE), the Clear Touch Lite effectively clears acne lesions in a third of the time of standard topical and oral treatments.

Red and green light penetrate deep into the skin to start a chemical reaction that ultimately destroys the acne at its source. The heat intensifies the process and gently opens the pores to release the clog and soothe the inflammation.  Clearer Skin in Just 30 Days!

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