Microcurrent body sculpting

Together we can do this!

Microcurrent body sculpting is BODICURRENT

Microcurrent body sculpting technology has been used for decades for holistic beautification of the skin and body. Together, we can guide you through the appropriate program for your body goals. Paired with a healthy diet and moderate movement you can be successful!

Microcurrent body sculpting safely increases ATP production necessary for cellular health.

Increased levels of ATP speed cellular metabolism, stimulate protein synthesis, promote detoxifi- cation and reconstitute collagen and elastin.

Essential for youthful preservation of the body.

Perfect before important events such as weddings, reunions, or photos.

Holistic and all natural detox for the body.

Increase core strength, endurance and stamina.

Feel confident in your skin!

Fall in Love with my Holistic Body Treatments and Dare to be Seen!

I am the first salon aesthetician in Anchorage to provide this technology that is proven to:

  • Increase strength & endurance
  • Increase ATP production for increased collagen and elastin where possible
  • Make your skin and body look more youthful
See what others have said who have experienced this transformative treatment
Anchorage anti-aging facial

Are you ready to get and stay confident?

I offer a Jump Start Special

Single session


Series of 5 

One and two month packages are available at greater savings.  Twice weekly sessions are recommended until full results are achieved.  Monthly maintenance is recommended at affordable rates.


Save time on your first appointment.  Download your forms to fill out and bring them in!

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